Drum Lessons

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Creating a culture of exceptional musicianship

At Denver Soundscape, lessons are fun, engaging, and students are constantly learning new things. Lessons are taught with evidence-based methods, and a mix of traditional and modern learning approaches is used with each student. Key elements for development include learning through movement, listening, and body awareness, and these aspects of musicianship are integrated into every lesson. Students are encouraged with positive reinforcement during lessons and are always treated with respect.

A great time to start drum lessons is between the ages of 9-15. While it’s possible to start earlier, students who have small hands might have a more difficult time with holding drum sticks properly, so it’s recommended to wait until the student’s hands are able to maintain a proper, comfortable grip.

Develop sound fundamentals starting with the basics

Students start drum lessons by learning how to play a single drum, which means that students can start lessons without owning a full drum set. Hand coordination and learning how to read and play various rhythms is critical to establishing a strong musical foundation that will serve students well throughout their musical endeavors. After students learn the basics, they can pursue learning how to play their favorite songs and any other music they find enjoyable. Most drum students start learning how to play rock music first, but other genres like jazz and pop can be studied at Denver Soundscape as well.

Comprehensive Drum Curriculum

Denver Soundscape takes pride in ensuring students learn music with a holistic approach, and this includes several various aspects of training: music theory, ear training, music history, improvisation, and performance skills are integrated into every students’ curriculum.

In addition to drum set lessons, Denver Soundscape also offers students the chance to study concert percussion instruments that might be found in their band and orchestra classes at school (like snare drum, xylophone, etc.). Students who play drums in their school music classes (or want to join those classes in the future) can learn to play these instruments at Denver Soundscape.