Denver Soundscape

Empowering Young musicians to achieve excellence through fun and engaging musicianship

Piano + Drum Lessons
with Jordan Taylor


Here at Denver Soundscape, my mission is to positively impact students and families and change lives through the power of music making. Every student and family is a treasured part of the studio, and Denver Soundscape prides itself as being a safe and welcoming space for all students and families.

The musician's journey starts here

Denver Soundscape welcomes students to start their musical journey here. Lessons are customized to each student’s abilities and goals, and students study a comprehensive musical curriculum designed to give them all the necessary knowledge and tools to become skilled musicians.

Here's what others are saying about lessons at Denver Soundscape

“The studio is great, but the instructor is what makes Denver Soundscape an excellent place to learn piano. I have had nearly half a dozen instructors over my decade long journey to play the piano and Jordan, by far, has taught me the most as well as facilitated my improvement.”

– Steve

“My daughter started lessons at Denver Soundscape with Jordan about a year ago when she was 6. It is amazing what she has learned and accomplished in such a short time. She looks forward to going every week which is a testament to how he is able to keep her motivated and encourages a passion for music. I cannot recommend him enough as an instructor for any age.”

– Tara

“Jordan has been a fantastic teacher, always patient and encouraging! His knowledge and experience of music is evident. Our daughter has been taking piano lessons for approximately 4 months and I’m amazed how far she’s come.”

– Lisa

“Mr. Taylor is such a great piano teacher!  He is able to hone in on exactly what my son is struggling with in the music (finger positioning, rhythm, etc) and help him work through it.  He is patient, supportive, and fun even as he teaches.  Very talented and easily connects with my 6-year-old!  Highly recommend Denver Soundscape.”

– M

“Mr. Taylor is an amazing piano teacher. My boys have been learning piano with him for a year now, and they have learned so much! He interacts with the kids and knows how to reel them in if they’re getting too antsy. He makes piano fun for the kids, and they enjoy playing thanks to his teaching. I am so thankful to have found such an amazing piano teacher in our neighborhood!”

– Michelle

“I’ve been doing lessons with Mr Taylor for a couple months now and it has helped me progress in piano by a lot. He has a great work space and a quiet home with no distractions and it’s easy to stay focused. He has a great way of teaching the important details and helping you understand with metaphors and other fun things when you don’t get something. He’s very kind and let’s you have time to practice and work on things that you need to. Lessons have been great so far and I will definitely continue.”

– Sharon

“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven