Piano Lessons

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Joy to last a lifetime

A great time to start piano lessons is between the ages of 6-12. At this age, students are able to quickly learn important fundamentals of music and playing the piano.

At Denver Soundscape, lessons are fun, engaging, and students are constantly learning new things. Lessons are taught with evidence-based methods, and we use a mix of traditional and modern ways of learning. Technology is an important part of lessons, as well as learning through movement, listening, and self-reflection.

Piano lessons will be taught with a positive and empowering mindset, and students can enjoy themselves and be comfortable during lessons. True virtuosic performance comes from a confident, yet calm mind and body, and this is fostered in an environment that allows students to learn and perform at their highest potential. 

Excellence is created at every lesson

During each lesson, students are shown the process for building habits that will help them become better musicians. Learning to trust and enjoy this process without stressing about results is essential in our approach to becoming a better musician. Cultivating each student’s abilities, talents, and love for music with this mentality helps students reach the musical goals they set for themselves.

Comprehensive Piano Curriculum

Most students deeply enjoy studying classical music, but modern music, such as pop, movie, and video game music, is also taught at Denver Soundscape. Lessons at Denver Soundscape prepare students to be able to play any genre of music since students learn music theory and work on ear training.

Music Theory
Ear Training
Music History
Performance Skills